So you can imagine my surprise when just out of the blue, I have begun to birth a new idea which has been suspended in the back of my mind for some time. Currently the energetics in my life are converging and bringing me immense joy and well being, for which I am incredibly grateful. It is as if the universe is conspiring to bring me to my purpose: that of connecting others.

I’ve known this for years and am naturally open, someone who is able to bring people together effortlessly in a way that is both meaningful and purposeful. Ask anyone who has attended one of the many barbecues I have held, the events I’ve put together at work, the invitations I’ve extended to friends for the children’s birthdays, right down to the two weddings in which I featured as Bride for the day (hahaha!). I am someone who has immense love of people, and humankind, who has enormous compassion and empathy for those that are feeling disconnected, dissatisfied and out of touch. In this day of hyper-technology, when ‘sharing’ and ‘liking’ are all par for the course, where we exist in a practically cashless society, and cannot function without the internet, where those little green lights on that modem you purchased recently are your beacon to the world and letting everyone know ‘you’re connected’. But are you, really?

With the internet about ready to explode with unprecedented use of social networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr to name a handful. Not to mention all manner of chat functions and new ways developing almost hourly for people to connect. What drives this social phenomenon, this insatiable appetite we have to reach out into nowhere anonymously and be seen? I think it is a symptom of a disconnected society and of a very primal human need to reach out to others.

Often this is done in a way that is lame, that’s awkward, lewd and often crude. But of the seemingly hundreds of people I connect with in my own way there is one common desire: to connect. People are desperately unhappy and never moreso than those who are aware that there must be more to life. That they are somehow missing something. Where most are just feeling disconnected.

For nearly 3 years, I personally have been through a constant and continual journey of Awakening which has spurned me to explore my boundaries and really understand who I am, no holes barred, no barriers allowed. I remember the weekend that it started, I remember the changes and the shifts within me. I remember my outlook changing, my priorities becoming clearer, though nothing like they are now with crystal being literally opaque in comparison! It is as if the Universe has responded with one hell of a correction, leaving no stone in my life unturned. I’ll write about that journey another time, but for now, I’m extremely excited. I believe I have discovered my true purpose.

Since the Venus Transit in June, it is as if a veil has lifted for me. Those who are not energetically or spiritually inclined may not completely understand but crept up on me unexpectedly. It was a very rare time where Venus is witnessed to travel across the face of the sun and it occurs once every 100 years. Planetarily speaking, this transit has immense significance, but at an energetic level, its had enormous impact on me personally and I have been bestowed with a depth of clarity and introspection on me and who I am that is almost humbling after a very long and difficult personal journey. I’ve been able to enjoy the reflections of connection with some extraordinary people who are continuing to gather along my Path supporting me, nurturing me, lifting me and guiding me towards that purpose with extraordinary momentum.

With the grace and humility of these incredible reflections, combined with some really unique treasured experiences, I see my true gifts: love, warmth, kindness, compassion, empathy, creativity, humour and authenticity. Naturally I also have been acquainted with my shadow side, the fears, neuroses, anxieties and negativity that has been responsible for holding me back from whom I was really meant to be. My negative self-image, my destructive inner voice, my seemingly incessant inner child and core wounding that was perpetuating some pretty unnecessary experiences. Thank god I woke up, is all I can say. Karma’s a bitch, particularly when you are responsible for repeating your own mistakes! Ha!

So now I am in this place which is extraordinary. I see things exactly as they are, with no filters, no ‘packaging’, no egoic frames of reference. I see patterns in everything (always have) and along with them, mostly, some very simple solutions. Without a desire to rescue the planet from its own journey, I know innately that I can be integral in helping the planet promote it’s own self healing: that of connecting with the Heart of the matter. And very simply, this is to connect. And connect meaningfully and doing so with others. In person. And thus “Soul Mates” has been born. A conscious way of connecting with others, face to face. I am not going to licence it, franchise it, or market it. I am simply going to enable others to come together and be the instigator to enable others to move forward and create, doing what they do best. Coming together with people who want to connect and in a meaningful way. I know my Path and now, I know my purpose and I will work towards that purpose every single day, because that is my destiny and what I am meant to do.

“Man lives his whole life trying to figure out the secrets of life only to realize in the end life was the secret.”  ~Terry Blakeman