I watched you
Watching me

If it were so, I didn’t want to be so bold
As to state out loud, yet you appear to know what you are here for.

My twin flame.

No expectations, just trust and recognition
And the quiet hum of the traffic passing
Says its going to be alright, like the melodic rhythm of your Heart

As Neptune and Uranus retrograde in a dance of joy and bliss, we knew that our souls were entwined many thousands of years ago.
So much to learn
Without having to change who we are
So much to embrace
Without having to hold on
So much to express
Without having to explain
This and more awaits for us in the now.
You know who I was
Who I am
And what I am to become
Serendipity led us here
Serenity takes us forward
The Pharaoh & his Queen