What an amazing week I have had.

Who would have imagined that today I would be sitting here – having found the love of my life, my Twin Flame, someone who is my absolute vibrational match on every level, who just adds to my already complete life, nourishes, nurtures me and only whats what is best. Who honours, trusts, and loves me unconditionally who literally is my other half. The other part of me I have been searching for, sometimes aimlessly, all my life.

What started as an innocent friend connect on Facebook and a curious interest in the work that each of us does, had us talking online until 4am. After only 3 hours sleep, we reconvened and talked the whole of the next day and into the evening and talk again until 4am. And after the 3rd night and many wonderful discussions, laughter, disclosures and deep, honest sharing, we made an arrangement to meet. Throughout these discussions, it was very clear that we were merging in a very deep and energetic way, only to be confirmed when he asked me if I knew a dear friend Marnie. In fact, I worked closely with Marnie in my last role, a dear friend, who had embarked on her spiritual journey at roughly the same time I did when we attended a weekend workshop together in Landsborough for women, called Being Woman, which was just extraordinary in terms of the way it helped open and heal me and was deeply bonding for both Marnie & I. To think he had travelled to Carnarvon Gorge with her and other friends the year before. Even more profound than that, only hours before he raised her name, I had found a birthday card to me from Marnie which had just appeared on the lounge room floor for no apparent reason. It was curious because my birthday was 6 months prior. Odd. I chat openly to both men and women online all the time in a way that is open, honest and often in great depth, so on that level this was not new. But the connection to such a close friend, the birthday card and some other very deep and obscure synchronicities that had me suspecting that this was no ordinary connection and that I was meant to know this man. I had had it so wrong before, but deep down in the pit of my stomach it was unmistakeable. I felt that the universe was conspiring to make magic.

About two weeks before this, I had dreamed of a beautiful white wolf. I had forgotten about him as he had appeared to me at the Being Woman festival and without warning reappeared. I saw him three times throughout the week in various forms, and then became very aware of his energy here with me in my apartment, as I worked at my desk. As I spoke with Ura, I shared with him my feelings about my white wolf, an animal I felt deeply connected to and whose reappearance was extremely comforting then without warning, I heard him bark. A friendly, warm, deep and extremely loud bark, not dissimilar to a large dog who barks for joy when he realises someone is coming home. I smiled then wept because he awakened a deep memory of a time when Wolf and I were once connected. My wolf had returned to comfort and guide me and I felt deep sorrow for the fact that we could see one another, and could feel one another but were not able to penetrate the veil to connect deeply on this plane. I shared the experience with Ura. The wolf is a significant power animal on a spiritual plane and I started to realise the sequence of events experienced was no mistake.

What were the chances of meeting someone who had worked in the corporate world, a taste for the finer things, gratitude for the gifts of the earth, and having gone through deep transition and change resulting in a spiritual awakening as I have had. What were the chances of meeting someone who knew so much about their past life, was drawn to learning and knowing more about themselves and committed to growth and fulfilment, who loved crystals and knew all about his own zodiac, his rising signs and more… he was tall, married twice as I had been he was eloquent, had a breadth of life experience to share with a beautifully open and wonderful heart, a deep and rich and intelligent mind, and a kind and loving soul who was honest, strong, masculine and full of integrity. I was so deeply grateful for our connection, I offered Ure a beautiful song in appreciation of our connection on his wall til we saw one another again “Gratitude” by Shastro & Nadama. A very rare Reiki song that is difficult to find, but is one of my favourites and really summed up what we had shared together over the past few days. I was genuinely grateful and honoured to meet such a kind and good person.

When we were not talking via Facebook, we were texting one another – without question, we were connected, energetically. We laughed a lot, and he sounded like someone I would really love to know, but I was worried about the translation from online sharing to real life I had had many experiences connecting with people online and had some disastrous experience and some not-so-disastrous experiences. The mind can really play tricks on you sometimes, especially when the ego takes over. While I’d actually made some quite good friends through my experiences, both male and female over the years, I knew not to have any expectations. I didn’t really know what to call this – was it a date, or was it a meeting? Was it a meeting, or a date? It wasn’t coffee, it was dinner. And the only reason for that was that coffee seemed redundant after the many hours we’d already invested in one another. I have a very strong and powerful feminine energy and had insisted that this was a meeting first then we’d see what would happen after that. But as I went through my beauty routine, applied my makeup and prepared myself to meet this incredible man I had connected with online, I could feel myself surrendering to the moment. I set my Facebook update “I’m going on a date!”… no matter how I wanted to look at it, this was a date and I was simply in flow. I had had it wrong before, but I was prepared to risk it again.

We met a beautiful restaurant locally – Byblos – he was half an hour early and for once I arrived 5 mins earlier than arranged too. Meeting in real life after chatting online is always a case of the soul waiting for the flesh to catch up and this was no different. We chose the restaurant because it was close, but also because we felt honoured our deep resonance with the Middle East that we both experienced and shared from many many lives ago. In addition to my wolf, I had been having numerous flashbacks involving a litany of countries throughout ancient Europe and in particular Ancient Egypt as well as Mesopotamia, Persia and further. We talked and chatted into the evening over a beautiful middle eastern vegetarian tapas meal. Just as we relaxed, feeling like the souls had caught up with the flesh, the very same song that I  rare and uniquely moving track suddenly started playing throughout the restaurant – an obscure track it really caught us by surprise and had us laughing heartily. We both knew that the universe was asking us to pay attention.

After dinner, we strolled to the car, and Ura reached out to me and put his arm around me. I felt warm and safe with an air of familiarity. We said little and as he turned to kiss me ever so gently, I received a message to say ‘this is a very different love, not to be compared with any other’. I pulled away and looked into his eyes, I had my hand on his shoulder and the message continued: ‘do not compare, for it will not compare. This is a very very different love’. I smiled, we kissed gently again and I drove home.

Ura’s energy stayed with me. I felt very much in flow. No angst, no worry, no base emotions, just peace and a feeling of contentment and joy washed over me. We had arranged to chat again online when we got to our homes and as I opened the laptop, I saw an image honouring the birthday of deceased artist Gustav Klimt “The Kiss” a gorgeous gold-leaf painting which was completed in 1907 and was well and truly before its time. I had seen it before, and I had loathed it, as it had shifted some very deep stuff within me. But this time… it was as if it had awakened a deep and welcome memory. The painting said everything about the energetic between us for the evening and what we’d shared before, and in gratitude, I posted a copy of it on his wall. Ura loved it, and agreed it captured us beautifully in that moment.

We agreed to meet the following evening and he took me to Mt Coot-tha for coffee and look down upon the city in all its glory with lights that spread far into the distance in all directions like jewels on a black cloth, it was so beautiful. We spent most of the evening together, talking and sharing, sharing and talking. As he dropped me to my home, he asked when he could see me again and I suggested that we meet perhaps for breakfast. 3 dates in 3 days, wow… it was amazing and I was just loving the time we spent and shared together: old souls catching up on lost time, that is for certain. It was uncanny the way we shared and it was as if there was a constant refrain ‘hey, me too’ from both of us, throughout our conversations. Endlessly. We felt an incredibly deep love emerging between us.

We went to breakfast, at a beautiful venue tucked away on the river, serene and beautiful, light and airy. Ura loved it. We continued to share at a deep level it was amazing we could have so much to say after knowing one another just 4 days. We  watched the breakfast crowd dwindle and slowly transform into lunchtime patrons and thought we’d better start moving. I received a reminder from our son that he was wanting to head to rock climbing and alluded to the fact I needed to pull away for a while. Ura offered to come and take him for a drive in the convertible and we could all go to rock climbing together. Okay, so not exactly how I was going to spend a 4th date, but hey I was in flow, right?

We went to rock climbing and afterwards to get a late afternoon snack as it had been some time since we’d eaten. I felt the urge to show him the window of a shop. I had no idea why, and we went for a quick walk. It was shut, but I asked if I could show him and cross the road anyway and perhaps we would see something inside. There, in the window, was a book … about Ancient Egypt – Sacred Sexuality. A topic very dear to both our hearts, and we just laughed. Another nod from the universe! Such an obscure, unusual topic at the best of times and to see a book on this, in the window, as if placed there especially for us, was extraordinary. We laughed and laughed, and as we drove home we realised that this book was a powerful acknowledgement of our meeting, and undertook to go and retrieve it the following day. We were meant to have that book. We went for a drive to the Gold Coast to pick up my daughter and as I had done with my son just an hour or two before, introduced him as my partner and explained to both the kids that I had found the man I was going to be with for the rest of my life.

It was that night that I asked him to stay, in the early hours we were blown away to discover a message from a school friend of mine. She had a copy of “the Kiss” – and it was no longer serving her needs and asked if I would like to have it. I was absolutely blown away and so was Ura. We spent the evening together and shared deeply and peacefully and consummated our incredibly special relationship and just enjoyed being man and woman together. It was so unbelievably beautiful and all it did was validate our time together. To think we had been offered a painting of “the Kiss” at the same time was deeply moving and evidence of the flow and abundance evident in the universe.

The next morning I received a message from my friend, she’d driven half way across town to give the painting to us, and was there, waiting to hand it to me. We couldn’t believe it. And naturally we were very grateful and so deeply moved that someone would do this for us. We’d known one another 5 days. We explained her the connection, I introduced Ura as my new love and we announced and professed our love for one another openly. This is what it was.

Afterwards, we headed back to West End, to the shop where we’d found the book on Ancient Egypt. And as suspected, Ura LOVED the shop and everything inside it, with esoteric titles, beautiful shamanic icons, stunning objet d’art, crystals and memorabilia with spiritual significance. Our eyes feasted on everything inside that shop and it was hard to pull away, in the corner of my eye, I saw a little glittering tarot deck in black and gold. I looked closer, and there, to my absolute astonishment, was a “Klimt Tarot Deck”. I could not believe my eyes and grabbed Ura’s attention. A Tarot deck with the exact same image as the painting we had been given that day! We just BURST out laughing and could not stop for at least 5 minutes, tears streaming down our faces … this was getting RIDICULOUS .. so so funny. I could hardly catch my breath. We were laughing so hard, everyone around us were laughing too, not knowing what we were laughing at, but smiling and laughing at our mirth anyway. WHAT were the chances of THAT!?? Naturally we bought the deck.













I had never owned a Tarot deck, but always wanted to. That night, in bed, Ura shuffled the deck then asked me to. I made an absolute mess of it, because I can’t shuffle to save myself, and handed them back to him where he organised them again, and split the deck in two for me. He said to me ‘now take the top card from the bottom half of the deck. Before you do, though, keep an open mind and ask the universe for what is in your highest good’. So, I did. After he separated the top half of the deck from the bottom half, I selected the top card that was facing me. And wouldn’t you know it, of all the cards in that Klimt deck, I selected no VI: The Lovers. Depicted by none less than Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”…


Ura and I have been inseparable since the 3rd date. It’s been a week and two days since we first spoke. I have never ever felt such joy and peace and contentment with someone so pure of heart, with such a rich abundant soul who is energetically and without question my other half. I am home. No more searching. No more worrying. No more angst. No more wondering. No more ‘being single is easier’. I have found true love. And I am exceptionally grateful. So much crammed into such a short period of time… a day is like a week around me!