I still pinch myself every day.

I am amazed, and humbled at the way in which the Universe has brought my beloved and I together, like the hum of the bees on a warm spring afternoon, like camembert and quince paste, like the stars and the moon, we just go together. And in such a short period of time we have come to understand that we were just made for one another. I see my light in Ura and he sees his light in me. Indeed, it is becoming apparent to me that my entire life, I’ve been in preparation without even knowing it, for the relationship of my life: the Sacred Relationship with my twin flame.

Now, I have to be honest. I had read much about the Twin Flames after stumbling across it doing research around my own numerology in 2011 after discovering I was an 11. The Twin Flame sounded like a spiritual fairytale, a myth, the holy grail or, for me, an impossible dream. Whatever it was, my mind believed that this wasn’t my destiny this lifetime. Deep down I had dismissed it as a bit ‘chocolate box’ for my liking and it sat in the unattainable basket for me, this lifetime. How wrong was I. My heart knew differently.

Had you sat down and told me 8 weeks ago that I would be living with the love of my life, I would have dismissed it entirely and laughed, hard. I believed I had honestly explored and felt deeply into the concept of another relationship which, to be truthful, didn’t appeal at all – based on what I knew, of course. I had been openly vocal around the fact that I had come to the conclusion that I was not meant to be with anyone in a traditional sense again. Two marriages, and countless dates will do that to you. The idea of the Twin Flame was cute, I thought, but really not for me. So you can imagine my surprise when just 3 days in, both Ura and I became acutely aware that this was no ordinary relationship, we were both embarking on something completely different after a very similar journey had by each of us. We realised that ours was a spiritual partnership a deep, heartfelt knowledge that we were meant to meet and that we had work to do together.

Gary Zukav, author of 4 consecutive New York Times Best selling books, explains a Spiritual Partnership as a partnership between people who promise to use all of their experiences in order to grow, and thereby create constructive, healthy and joyful consequences in their relationship rather than destructive and unhealthy and painful consequences. Sounds good! According to Gary, Spiritual partners use their delightful experiences together as well as their power struggles to learn about themselves and change themselves. This is a new way to live. A new way to create together. A new way to evolve together. Both Ura and I have heard the inner call around this kind of partnership, and in essence, have both recognised that we have been preparing for this individually, long before we ever met. Indeed, we both firmly believe we met many lifetimes ago and found one another again in this life time, and fortunately, we were successful. We are delighted to be able to be given another chance – both of us – at making love work in a spiritual partnership.

We’ve spent the last week merging our belongings and our lives together, a time that tests even the most patient of souls. A massive truck organised to transport belongings into a tiny apartment, which Ura has affectionately called The Tardis … it somehow managed to swallow everything up and it looks like we have been together for years. Quite extraordinary, really. And while the idea of children between us is definitely off the cards (yes the kids have already asked!!), we will be doing a lot of co-creating together, and birthing all manner of new projects and experiences with the purpose of our collective evolvement in mind. Indeed, this evening we are both heading off to Urban Art Binge http://www.urbanartbinge.com/ to satisfy my love of art and unlock creative potential in both of us. What an exciting life awaits for us!